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Ethics & Sustainability
From our About Us page on AnimalMagicTShirts
By Hetti 03/1/2017

When we decided to start Animal Magic T Shirts, Lolpop made sure to let us know, how only dogs can, that she didn't like chemicals or anything in fact that harmed any creatures or habitats. We believe wholeheartedly in maintaining ethical and sustainable business practices from the retrieval of raw materials through to the finished product and its ecological footprint. We respect everyone and everything that plays a part in creating the magic of our t-shirts and we hope you will come to love them and our images as much as we do.

The garments we use are Certified Organic Cotton in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Using organic cotton, we reduce the amount of water needed in production. This allows us to support crop rotation and the beauty that is biodiversity. These practices result in a softer cotton that you can feel directly on your skin.

All those involved in the manufacture of our garments comply with the Fair Wear Foundation Code of Labour Practices. We do not support the exploitation of workers anywhere in the world or child labour.


We source our garments from different manufactures to ensure the best available quality. The logos below are the accreditations relevant to our garments. At the bottom of each product page we display the accreditations that apply to that specific garment. On our Links page you can click on each individual logo, they will take you directly to the organisation responible for setting that standard.

Most importantly, here at Animal Magic T Shirts we are proud of our values and ethics and we communicate them transparently and consistently throughout our company.

#EthicalFashion #OrganicCotton #SustainableFashion

#EthicalFashion #OrganicCotton #SustainableFashion
Why Organic Cotton Is Better
By Mr.N 14/7/2017
    Bear (Brown)
    Highland Coo
    Penguin (Rockhopper)

    Zebra is ran by
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